8 February 2010

hello my pumpkins, have a nice week. I was feeling a little exhausted this weekend so I spent most of the time on my sofa. I watched many DVDs,among them the marvellous "The private lives of Pippa Lee". I believe that all women should enjoy this movie. It gives entertainment, courage and food for thought about how life turns. I'll read the book soon. It should be also amazing. 

For a review of the film read in "The New York Times" in :

What else did I do last week; I met some friends, I talked to others on the cell phone. 

The importance of a friendship lies upon true feelings. It hasn't got to do with distances and how often you see each other. It's so hard to keep a friend, especially a girlfriend. Women become envious by the years. You think you know someone and then suddenly you realise that there is a monster next to you, ready to hit you. What do you do then? Can you stay upon the good old memories? How long can you avoid the monster? How soon can you write the "friend" off? On the other hand that kind of person, who is no longer friend, had never been a real one. So the crash will happen eventually.  You rather wait for the right moment to talk with her and try to resolve the situation. Make some effort. If she is still a pain in the ass, let her go. Say "by gones be by gones", close the door and look only ahead. 
Am I wrong? Please do leave a comment. 
Love yah. 

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