8 August 2012

what sex and the city taught me

my obsession to "sex and the city" is well known. I can spend days watching the episodes of the series without an end. I have read hundert of articles which say that these series make women want to spend money, have expensive habits etc. I haven't. I was inspired to put style in my life, whilst i was dressing only with jeans and athletic shoes. I got interested in fashion, i found comfort when i saw that even fancy  and powerful women face similar problems in professional and personal life with us, the other less priviliged ones. One Fendi cannot make life easier but style is more than Prada and Fendi. Style means to be yourself, to feel good with who you are and what you have, to reveal your emotions, not to fear to fall apart and get up again. 
I was taught all these things by Sex and the City...

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