8 August 2012

Why do we have to show who the boss is?

hi pumpkins.. .this is the last day before vacations.. i'm in such a need to run away... i had a difficult period at work, very stressful and exhausting.. even yesterday i found myself yelling for things that were supposed to be obvious. I was yelling because they (my colleaques) left me hanging... i'm supposed to supervise and they were giving me wrong elements, cheating me behind my back and bringing me in a difficult position. Buiding constructions demand responsibility, it's about safety after all. It's not only money but also safety that are in stake. I hate punishments, i hate yelling. I had promised that i'll take revenge out of my vocabulary. But i can't. Yesterday i became mean. i had  to give them a lesson. And i don't regret it, not even for a minute. I hate it when others think that they can manipulate, fool me or overcome the boundaries. Sometimes you need to show them who the boss is.. If they had come to me asking for help instead of trying manipulation, mislead and cheating, things would be different. So i hit them where it'd cost them: money loss. Some people don't understand with words like respect and admiration, they think that others are total fools when they treat them with kindness. Action is needed so that they realise what they have tried to do. 
Gush, I need hours of meditation to heal this frustration.. 

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