4 October 2016

Hi punpkins... how are you? I'm fine... i feel full of love and energy.. i'm sending you posιtive vibes..
Some good findings on the internet:
Bruce Springsteen_great love of mine , open culture_movies and books
love you

1 October 2016

Saturday ramblings

hi lovabies... every time i say i'll keep on writing and every time i break my promise.. i'm grateful because life treats me well. I wish you all the happiness of the world. I'm doing fine considering the fact that i'm rearranging my life. My job is going great, i can finally say i love my job. This period i'm not teaching but i study a lot and i'm doing some inside research of myself. I miss yoga. Those past months i realised who really stands by me. I'm getting stronger...

i'll get back soon. i'm a bit melancholic tonight.. love yu all.

5 May 2016

day ramblings...

hello gorgeous readers, i hope you're all doing fine.. i run to catch up deadlines, as always... i'm preparing a speech for the university and i'm anxious and excited at the same time. All teachers will be at the audience and that makes me a bit nervous. But i'm rehearsing a lot and preparing as much as i can..two good friends of mine had moved out of Athens and that changed my life... It's a great turn i have to deal with after my divorce. I believe that everything will take its place soon. I keep my faith to that.. all changes that happened till now, starting with my job position were for a good reason, although some of them were painful.  Sudden rains after some hot days made me melancholic and i was thinking summer is here, but i was definetely wrong.. Today is a theatre day. I'm visiting  Karagatsis "Η μεγάλη χίμαιρα", cannot wait...
got to go now... love you...

17 March 2016

Happy Thursday

Hi pumpkins, i have missed you sooo much.. I have missed the positive energy i get when i write to you... a lot of things are changing in my life lately. I have started yoga after a long time i had stopped, i have started teaching english, finished a semester in my MSc Studies in German literature and i'm getting a divorce. That's the most shaky expierience of the all i've been through lately. it was not a forced decision, i have throught it a lot and i decided that i shouldn't keep us both trapped. I should give us both a chance to become happy, because we weren't. I'll get used to my new life. Here comes my morning surfing to the internet.. everyone could be a good runnerlife at 40adorable artyoga asanas to relief neckare you the woman you wanted to be? 

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για smile pictures

I got to go now... Duty calls, back to work.. Have a great day...love you...

26 October 2015

happy, happy week lovabies. I had a peaceful weekend mit literature and german lessons. I was thinking in the morning about my job. I need a change. I'm almost ready to do it. I'll make a small step and change department as a beginning and then will see. I need a carrier change. But one step at a time..
Interesting links: don't kill language , you have to watch this. It's more than language and national identity.
Love you guys... Got to go now. mmmmmmats

23 October 2015

hi pumpkins. Much happened since the last time i had written in my blog. I had said i don't need to write anymore but i was wrong. I finally found time to write a few lines again. Writing is a kind of psychotherapy and i have just realised it. So i'll write as often as possible. I have finished studying german literature and i keep on to a master degree on literature. Studying keeps my mind young. I love that. Last year i got a lesson on relationships and friendships. Life brought such situations that the real friends are the one that are left in my life. There are always people that take advantage of us. And we call them friends because we can't directly recognise the "friend" mask they're wearing. But here comes the time, when masks collapse and people reveal their true self. It pains, but it also brings relief. I also met some interesting people. Few of my teachers became my friends and i'm honored. 
I was a gym addict. I am no more. I set other priorities. I even changed some habbits. I got a bad one, i smoke. Rarely but i do. I set the goal of quitting it. I need to start running again. That will help me to quit smoking. 
I need to change my job, i need a new professional environment. I need more teaching. poverty is increasing around us. I need to give, love, knowledge, strength. Who could imagine, what was coming. The ugly economical situation in Greece, coming refuges, reminded us what human means, what really matters. That we could be in their shoes from one day to another and lose everything. That is terrifying. I wish things were only getting better. I really pray for that. We need to hold on hope. 
Here are some interesting articles i found on the internet:
The weather dictates the music today. 
Have an amazing day and weekend. Love ya.

5 May 2015

hi lovabies... i have missed you... i had no time to write.. there is so much going on. I'm almost done with my studies. I have changed a lot in my life, priorities and friends mostly. Some cutting offs were really painful. When you are connected to people the loss pains. But i had to do it. I had to let them go. They were absorbing all my energy, i almost reached the level of losing myself. But i'm beyond that now and i feel strong. I don't know if i'll keep on writing on this blog. I loved it so far and i'll keep it as a good memory. But i think it came to its end. I read more literature philosophy and history now. I'm ready to take risks and change a lot more in my life. I wish and hope you did what you miss and love. I'm keeping you in my heart.. Fare well....

11 December 2014

Thursday ramblings

good morning lovabies.. i have missed you sooo sooo much... i was ill the last week, with fever and coughing... it really knocked me down for some days.. the weather is crazy here.. one day 17 degrees the other 9, you don't really know how to get dressed. My days pass by mostly by studying German history and politics for the university. i feel a whole new person in there. More intellectual, more wise, more mature. I still haven't found time for Christmas decorations. I intend this weekend. I have a presentation to the University and then i intend to decorate the house. I'll bake some cookies too.  Last week i went to the cinema i enjoyed Helen Mirren in : The Hundred Foot Journey. Amazing drama, actors, music and picture can travel you to magic.

I have no big plans for Christmas, i make small plans generally. My life has turned upside down the last two years, i lost friends, i reconsidered my life, i changed priorities.. I'm spending weekend at home reading. I see friends more rarely. i prefer good authentic friends, not people just to spend time. I look myself in the mirror and i see a different person and i have committed to that, i have accepted my new me. I learned to live with less. Less money, less comfort, less people but i live authentically, with true emotions, true ambitions, true friends.. The process was hard though. But i embrassed it. 
Got to go now... love you and always think of you... keep on smiling.. 

26 September 2014

good morning pumpkins... how are you? i wish you a great weekend... xoxo

24 September 2014

missing my grandparents

good morning...have a great day... i'm looking at this picture and i thought sharing it with you.. sea always relaxes me. My mood is very melancholic lately. i feel alone.. i try to accept that, observe my loneliness. Not see it as a burden. I caught myself crying last night. Crying offers relief.. Let it out. Don't keep it inside. i
I think a lot of my grandpa lately. He passed away some years ago and he was a depressive person. After losing him i realise how much he must have suffered from his mental issues. He mostly felt alone.. i hear him talk to my head. i feel connected to him and i miss him. I miss all my grandparents. i don't know if it's because i'm getting older or not, but i think a lot of them. i need to go back to my parents village. i'll do it soon. i sense their presence in my life, although they 're gone...

22 September 2014

oh Monday, Monday

have a great week my friends and good morning..i've just arrived to work, made a cup of coffee and sat to write you a few words. I had a busy weekend. Saturday night i went out with friends.The rest of the time i did house cleaning mostly. I resisted on going in  Lady Gaga's concert in Athens on Friday night. I didn't watch TV or DVD. I started reading material for my dissertation. My assignments at the University got all straight A and i'm in the mood to party. This week will be a literature week, with reading and going to literature meetings. i'm still thinking about my girl friendships, shorting things out. Who does me good and who doesn't. I realised i had some toxic friendships, i need to get rid of. Today i offer you free art books from the internet here and here. There are free online education courses here. Other advice : be your own best friendhow to protect your leather bootson being a bosscareer advice.
Today i'm having pilates and i'm seeing friends for lunch. Got to leave you now. i'll be back. Take care of yourself.

19 September 2014

Friday ramblings...

good morning lovelies.. what are you up to? i'm in an autumn mood.. a bit melancholic, in the mood of love and hope.. i plan my schedule... i hear my favourite radio, i had my hair cut eventually.. 

i believe that when you wish for change, change will find you... i have to start studying again.. time passes... there's so much to be filled in. The coming week has a lot of literature meetings i plan to attend. Margaret Atwood's talk is one of them. The german books i ordered are here, waiting for me to start reading.. among them is the scenario of Good bye Lenin film. Chill nights are also here and i love that. 
it feels so good to write for my blog again.. have a great weekend lovabies...i love you and think of you... xoxo

17 September 2014


hi pumpkins... i know i told you that i'll be here every day.. it was a promise i couldn't keep. I'll try to be as close as i can get and fill you in. I had assignments to write for the University, an exam, work, work..my training hours have reduced radically. there are times that i hate me for that. I gained weight, which i try to lose. Not much, 3-4 kgr,  but i don't like it.. i have lost two.. and i'll keep on. I'll see what i'll do, i may start weight training and running again. I feel my body heavy and tired. i gave it some time to rest. My legs still give me some pain.. when i feel that i feel frustrated and old. it reminds me of all the mistakes i did with my body, trying to hard...i caused its problems.. i didn't know when to stop.. so i had to stop now...i realised it through pain.. love your body.. don't abandon it but don't train to hard either...i start over..
September found me looking over everything in my life... i got really disappointed, especially from people i thought friends...it was a good lesson for me. My teaching lessons have reduced,  that hurt me. It hit my self esteem, i try  to prevent that and remember that it's  a difficult period for Greece. People try to cut costs as much as they can. Even language lessons become a cost to cut.. Autumn melancholy....
i need to change my look.. i''ll cut my hair today. i need radical changes, inside-out... The inside are more difficult to accomplish..
i have to go now... i'll be back soon.. giving you my love and a huge hug....

27 August 2014

hi.. how are you.? have a great day.. yesterday i went shopping with my little sis and we had a great time. I have missed going around and looking. I haven't bought anything all summer but yesterday i couldn't resist. I bought a pair of shoes from migato, (i bought the first one)

 and a pair of t-shirts from tezenis. They were really cheap and i like them. Other interesting articles: courage to leave money and securityneed for social media detoxletting go.. my schedule today has going back home and do some housework. to be quite honest i'm tired of spending time out. i need some time alone at home. Perhaps some training, i've missed practising yoga and pilates. i may do some jogging the next days..i'll see. Got to go now...give your best self to what you do.. xoxo 

26 August 2014

Tuesday ramblings

Good morning pumpkins... what are you up to these days? I got back from a week vacation and i try to get my mind reset to daily routine. I got back to work and i also try to keep up with all that is going on...Hard... i'm still dreaming beaches and cocunut oils.. I almost finished another assignment for the university.. There are two more lessons to go and then six to the end and the dissertation? can you believe it? i cannot.. time runs soo fast.. Well i can't say i relaxed for a long time this summer. I did a lot of things and trips but the relaxation was for moments, hardly days.. I brought books to study with me. I didn't swim much, i walked. I'm reading the "name of the rose" of Eco, i love it. 
Here are some photos of my vacations : 


 moments of Zante Greece

i watched "Skyfall" the other day. To be honest i was never fond of this kind of movies. I started watching it out of curiosity. But it was very good. I didn't expect it to be so good.

Wastch the trailer:

Things that i don't expect happen lately and i love that. Like a chain of tiny miracles. I make new friends, i get invitations to go out. I take gifts. it feels so good to be loved. 
i got to go now. duty calls. be back soon. i love you.. 

28 July 2014

my Belgrade

hi lovabies.. how are you spending your summer? i had so much going on that i didn't find time to blog. I have no great news, life goes on calmly. I had some ups and dows with friendships, i found out that two cousins of mine are pregnant, the one gave birth already. i wish them all the best. i had to much work and lessons, lessons... i had a presentation on June 18th. It went as well as i expected, i was well prepared but i was afraid i couldn't control my anxiety. But all went fine. I spent my time with reading and cleaning the house, lessons stopped for the summer. I travelled to Belgrade and Cyclades islands. i'll post some pictures. I exercised a liitle, i want to start running again. i'm changing the gym center in September. i'm looking for new lessons, meaning kids or adults to teach german in winter. It was a full school year. i learned new things and i'm more selfconfident now. Someone is maturing... 


the best is yet to come!!!

I have to go now. enjoy your time.. be back soon.. love you

23 May 2014

Knowledge is power

pumpkins have an amazing weekend... with all this stuff around i hardly found time to write you two lines.. to be honest with you i'm getting through a period in life when i'm thinking my life and the changes it needs. One thing is for sure, i reconsidered all kind of relationships, especially friends. Some of them reached the exit of my life. I don't need toxic friends, i advise you to do the same. Do not keep toxic relationships, they poison your life. It's been really a hard year, in which i saw a lot of things. I got love but i got disappointment too. I realised that you cannot count to anyone else but yourself. It's hard but it's real. Most of the times you have to rely only on you. I don't say that we are not loved.. We are. But we cannot expect to take what we give. Because then disappointment is on the corner. I'm reading a lot and i want to spend time alone. I want to sense the silence of my mind .It's not easy, thoughts are coming and going.. My big question is.. do we keep on giving to people that take only advantage of us? is that generosity or stupidity?? I say keep on as long as you feel that you are doing the right thing.. when you no longer feel that way, stop. It's good to be human, to say "i'm sorry, i can no longer be your supporter, i need one too"  . 
I have no big plans for the weekend, only family dinners, cleaning the house, packing winter clothes and meditating - if i find some time-. I need to turn inside and hear my body whispering its needs. I haven't done it for a long time.. i kept on pressuring it mostly. Right now i wanted a comfortable sofa, a blanket and a good book. I should read "the Perfum" for an essay at the University . University opened great horizons for me. I have met important teachers and friends. Knowledge is power. Remember that... 
I'll be thinking of you... give kisses and hugs to your loving ones. xoxo

19 May 2014

happy week

hello, hello, have a great week. the weather is clumpsy and so gets my mood. I came to work ready to do a billion things but after three hours i feel exhausted. i did some work but no i'm thinking of getting to the gym and only the idea makes me collapse. i realise i'm getting older. Now i cannot stand the idea of running 3 km or spending two hours in the gym. I said i'll start over today. It's been four months since the last time i did a lifting weights programme at the gym. I love weights but i hate the gym i'm going. The idea of searching for a new one makes me bored. I have to though. I don't want to abandon this activity. I loved running. Since i injured my leg i stopped running. That brought some extra weight and i abandoned the idea of starting again. The leg was an excuse. The leg, the abstance, other obligations... It's time to think it over. i need my good physical condition back. I'm doing it for me. i don't like the extra pounds and i hate giving up. On the weekend i visited friends, did a little house cleaning watched "Perfum", excellent movie. 

i let you know how it went with the gym.. till then remember to give your best self to people. xoxo

16 May 2014

Friday ramblings

good morning lovelies.. what are you up to? Weekend is on our doorstep. It smelled summer in Athens. We've started dressing lighter. Nights are warmer. I have to pick up the carpets of the floor this weekend. There is also the elections, i hate this rush and mess .  let me tell what i have recently did..  i was in bed with a flu. That gave me the opportunity to watch DVDs. Well i watched "so far so close" of  Wim Wenders and "one flew of the cuckoo's nest", with Jack Nicholson. Amazing movies.. They are movies that remind you that cinema is art and culture.

 i have much to study, i have eliminated my training hours and i miss that. I have to get back to my normal training and practise more yoga. My job as a german teacher absorbs me so much that i forget i'm an engineer too. I like engineering no more. I've had it. I see no purpose in it. I don't see my purpose in it. I prefer to teach. I sense i'll change my working place soon. I have an inner call.  It takes a lot of inner search to find your purpose. But when you do, you manage to balance your life, to get happy. 
i need : a new manicure, a cup of tea, yoga, a love story on DVD, cereals with milk, sun, a big smile. what do you need?
duty calls me back. i got to go. Have a great morning and a happy weekend. love you all. xoxo

15 May 2014

hi pumpkins.. there is no excuse for my absence. i needed some time off blogging and i was too busy with others things. I had some trouble with my thyroid. Everything turned out fine. Health and university exams are ok. I'm still at work. But i taught in a high school the other day, for an assignment. I was fascinated and the kids loved me. I wish that became my stable job. That's a picture of us...

i got to go. but i promise i'll write every day. i have missed you lovabies....xoxoxo