24 September 2014

missing my grandparents

good morning...have a great day... i'm looking at this picture and i thought sharing it with you.. sea always relaxes me. My mood is very melancholic lately. i feel alone.. i try to accept that, observe my loneliness. Not see it as a burden. I caught myself crying last night. Crying offers relief.. Let it out. Don't keep it inside. i
I think a lot of my grandpa lately. He passed away some years ago and he was a depressive person. After losing him i realise how much he must have suffered from his mental issues. He mostly felt alone.. i hear him talk to my head. i feel connected to him and i miss him. I miss all my grandparents. i don't know if it's because i'm getting older or not, but i think a lot of them. i need to go back to my parents village. i'll do it soon. i sense their presence in my life, although they 're gone...

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