22 September 2014

oh Monday, Monday

have a great week my friends and good morning..i've just arrived to work, made a cup of coffee and sat to write you a few words. I had a busy weekend. Saturday night i went out with friends.The rest of the time i did house cleaning mostly. I resisted on going in  Lady Gaga's concert in Athens on Friday night. I didn't watch TV or DVD. I started reading material for my dissertation. My assignments at the University got all straight A and i'm in the mood to party. This week will be a literature week, with reading and going to literature meetings. i'm still thinking about my girl friendships, shorting things out. Who does me good and who doesn't. I realised i had some toxic friendships, i need to get rid of. Today i offer you free art books from the internet here and here. There are free online education courses here. Other advice : be your own best friendhow to protect your leather bootson being a bosscareer advice.
Today i'm having pilates and i'm seeing friends for lunch. Got to leave you now. i'll be back. Take care of yourself.

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