26 August 2014

Tuesday ramblings

Good morning pumpkins... what are you up to these days? I got back from a week vacation and i try to get my mind reset to daily routine. I got back to work and i also try to keep up with all that is going on...Hard... i'm still dreaming beaches and cocunut oils.. I almost finished another assignment for the university.. There are two more lessons to go and then six to the end and the dissertation? can you believe it? i cannot.. time runs soo fast.. Well i can't say i relaxed for a long time this summer. I did a lot of things and trips but the relaxation was for moments, hardly days.. I brought books to study with me. I didn't swim much, i walked. I'm reading the "name of the rose" of Eco, i love it. 
Here are some photos of my vacations : 


 moments of Zante Greece

i watched "Skyfall" the other day. To be honest i was never fond of this kind of movies. I started watching it out of curiosity. But it was very good. I didn't expect it to be so good.

Wastch the trailer:

Things that i don't expect happen lately and i love that. Like a chain of tiny miracles. I make new friends, i get invitations to go out. I take gifts. it feels so good to be loved. 
i got to go now. duty calls. be back soon. i love you.. 


  1. Hope you had a good vacation and it's good to see you back. Skyfall was a great movie!

  2. thank you. it's good to be back.have the best autumn ever. xoxo