27 August 2014

hi.. how are you.? have a great day.. yesterday i went shopping with my little sis and we had a great time. I have missed going around and looking. I haven't bought anything all summer but yesterday i couldn't resist. I bought a pair of shoes from migato, (i bought the first one)

 and a pair of t-shirts from tezenis. They were really cheap and i like them. Other interesting articles: courage to leave money and securityneed for social media detoxletting go.. my schedule today has going back home and do some housework. to be quite honest i'm tired of spending time out. i need some time alone at home. Perhaps some training, i've missed practising yoga and pilates. i may do some jogging the next days..i'll see. Got to go now...give your best self to what you do.. xoxo 

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