17 September 2014


hi pumpkins... i know i told you that i'll be here every day.. it was a promise i couldn't keep. I'll try to be as close as i can get and fill you in. I had assignments to write for the University, an exam, work, work..my training hours have reduced radically. there are times that i hate me for that. I gained weight, which i try to lose. Not much, 3-4 kgr,  but i don't like it.. i have lost two.. and i'll keep on. I'll see what i'll do, i may start weight training and running again. I feel my body heavy and tired. i gave it some time to rest. My legs still give me some pain.. when i feel that i feel frustrated and old. it reminds me of all the mistakes i did with my body, trying to hard...i caused its problems.. i didn't know when to stop.. so i had to stop now...i realised it through pain.. love your body.. don't abandon it but don't train to hard either...i start over..
September found me looking over everything in my life... i got really disappointed, especially from people i thought friends...it was a good lesson for me. My teaching lessons have reduced,  that hurt me. It hit my self esteem, i try  to prevent that and remember that it's  a difficult period for Greece. People try to cut costs as much as they can. Even language lessons become a cost to cut.. Autumn melancholy....
i need to change my look.. i''ll cut my hair today. i need radical changes, inside-out... The inside are more difficult to accomplish..
i have to go now... i'll be back soon.. giving you my love and a huge hug....

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