28 July 2014

my Belgrade

hi lovabies.. how are you spending your summer? i had so much going on that i didn't find time to blog. I have no great news, life goes on calmly. I had some ups and dows with friendships, i found out that two cousins of mine are pregnant, the one gave birth already. i wish them all the best. i had to much work and lessons, lessons... i had a presentation on June 18th. It went as well as i expected, i was well prepared but i was afraid i couldn't control my anxiety. But all went fine. I spent my time with reading and cleaning the house, lessons stopped for the summer. I travelled to Belgrade and Cyclades islands. i'll post some pictures. I exercised a liitle, i want to start running again. i'm changing the gym center in September. i'm looking for new lessons, meaning kids or adults to teach german in winter. It was a full school year. i learned new things and i'm more selfconfident now. Someone is maturing... 


the best is yet to come!!!

I have to go now. enjoy your time.. be back soon.. love you

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