23 May 2014

Knowledge is power

pumpkins have an amazing weekend... with all this stuff around i hardly found time to write you two lines.. to be honest with you i'm getting through a period in life when i'm thinking my life and the changes it needs. One thing is for sure, i reconsidered all kind of relationships, especially friends. Some of them reached the exit of my life. I don't need toxic friends, i advise you to do the same. Do not keep toxic relationships, they poison your life. It's been really a hard year, in which i saw a lot of things. I got love but i got disappointment too. I realised that you cannot count to anyone else but yourself. It's hard but it's real. Most of the times you have to rely only on you. I don't say that we are not loved.. We are. But we cannot expect to take what we give. Because then disappointment is on the corner. I'm reading a lot and i want to spend time alone. I want to sense the silence of my mind .It's not easy, thoughts are coming and going.. My big question is.. do we keep on giving to people that take only advantage of us? is that generosity or stupidity?? I say keep on as long as you feel that you are doing the right thing.. when you no longer feel that way, stop. It's good to be human, to say "i'm sorry, i can no longer be your supporter, i need one too"  . 
I have no big plans for the weekend, only family dinners, cleaning the house, packing winter clothes and meditating - if i find some time-. I need to turn inside and hear my body whispering its needs. I haven't done it for a long time.. i kept on pressuring it mostly. Right now i wanted a comfortable sofa, a blanket and a good book. I should read "the Perfum" for an essay at the University . University opened great horizons for me. I have met important teachers and friends. Knowledge is power. Remember that... 
I'll be thinking of you... give kisses and hugs to your loving ones. xoxo

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