19 May 2014

happy week

hello, hello, have a great week. the weather is clumpsy and so gets my mood. I came to work ready to do a billion things but after three hours i feel exhausted. i did some work but no i'm thinking of getting to the gym and only the idea makes me collapse. i realise i'm getting older. Now i cannot stand the idea of running 3 km or spending two hours in the gym. I said i'll start over today. It's been four months since the last time i did a lifting weights programme at the gym. I love weights but i hate the gym i'm going. The idea of searching for a new one makes me bored. I have to though. I don't want to abandon this activity. I loved running. Since i injured my leg i stopped running. That brought some extra weight and i abandoned the idea of starting again. The leg was an excuse. The leg, the abstance, other obligations... It's time to think it over. i need my good physical condition back. I'm doing it for me. i don't like the extra pounds and i hate giving up. On the weekend i visited friends, did a little house cleaning watched "Perfum", excellent movie. 

i let you know how it went with the gym.. till then remember to give your best self to people. xoxo

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