16 May 2014

Friday ramblings

good morning lovelies.. what are you up to? Weekend is on our doorstep. It smelled summer in Athens. We've started dressing lighter. Nights are warmer. I have to pick up the carpets of the floor this weekend. There is also the elections, i hate this rush and mess .  let me tell what i have recently did..  i was in bed with a flu. That gave me the opportunity to watch DVDs. Well i watched "so far so close" of  Wim Wenders and "one flew of the cuckoo's nest", with Jack Nicholson. Amazing movies.. They are movies that remind you that cinema is art and culture.

 i have much to study, i have eliminated my training hours and i miss that. I have to get back to my normal training and practise more yoga. My job as a german teacher absorbs me so much that i forget i'm an engineer too. I like engineering no more. I've had it. I see no purpose in it. I don't see my purpose in it. I prefer to teach. I sense i'll change my working place soon. I have an inner call.  It takes a lot of inner search to find your purpose. But when you do, you manage to balance your life, to get happy. 
i need : a new manicure, a cup of tea, yoga, a love story on DVD, cereals with milk, sun, a big smile. what do you need?
duty calls me back. i got to go. Have a great morning and a happy weekend. love you all. xoxo

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