5 May 2015

hi lovabies... i have missed you... i had no time to write.. there is so much going on. I'm almost done with my studies. I have changed a lot in my life, priorities and friends mostly. Some cutting offs were really painful. When you are connected to people the loss pains. But i had to do it. I had to let them go. They were absorbing all my energy, i almost reached the level of losing myself. But i'm beyond that now and i feel strong. I don't know if i'll keep on writing on this blog. I loved it so far and i'll keep it as a good memory. But i think it came to its end. I read more literature philosophy and history now. I'm ready to take risks and change a lot more in my life. I wish and hope you did what you miss and love. I'm keeping you in my heart.. Fare well....

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