23 October 2015

hi pumpkins. Much happened since the last time i had written in my blog. I had said i don't need to write anymore but i was wrong. I finally found time to write a few lines again. Writing is a kind of psychotherapy and i have just realised it. So i'll write as often as possible. I have finished studying german literature and i keep on to a master degree on literature. Studying keeps my mind young. I love that. Last year i got a lesson on relationships and friendships. Life brought such situations that the real friends are the one that are left in my life. There are always people that take advantage of us. And we call them friends because we can't directly recognise the "friend" mask they're wearing. But here comes the time, when masks collapse and people reveal their true self. It pains, but it also brings relief. I also met some interesting people. Few of my teachers became my friends and i'm honored. 
I was a gym addict. I am no more. I set other priorities. I even changed some habbits. I got a bad one, i smoke. Rarely but i do. I set the goal of quitting it. I need to start running again. That will help me to quit smoking. 
I need to change my job, i need a new professional environment. I need more teaching. poverty is increasing around us. I need to give, love, knowledge, strength. Who could imagine, what was coming. The ugly economical situation in Greece, coming refuges, reminded us what human means, what really matters. That we could be in their shoes from one day to another and lose everything. That is terrifying. I wish things were only getting better. I really pray for that. We need to hold on hope. 
Here are some interesting articles i found on the internet:
The weather dictates the music today. 
Have an amazing day and weekend. Love ya.

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