11 December 2014

Thursday ramblings

good morning lovabies.. i have missed you sooo sooo much... i was ill the last week, with fever and coughing... it really knocked me down for some days.. the weather is crazy here.. one day 17 degrees the other 9, you don't really know how to get dressed. My days pass by mostly by studying German history and politics for the university. i feel a whole new person in there. More intellectual, more wise, more mature. I still haven't found time for Christmas decorations. I intend this weekend. I have a presentation to the University and then i intend to decorate the house. I'll bake some cookies too.  Last week i went to the cinema i enjoyed Helen Mirren in : The Hundred Foot Journey. Amazing drama, actors, music and picture can travel you to magic.

I have no big plans for Christmas, i make small plans generally. My life has turned upside down the last two years, i lost friends, i reconsidered my life, i changed priorities.. I'm spending weekend at home reading. I see friends more rarely. i prefer good authentic friends, not people just to spend time. I look myself in the mirror and i see a different person and i have committed to that, i have accepted my new me. I learned to live with less. Less money, less comfort, less people but i live authentically, with true emotions, true ambitions, true friends.. The process was hard though. But i embrassed it. 
Got to go now... love you and always think of you... keep on smiling.. 

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