17 March 2016

Happy Thursday

Hi pumpkins, i have missed you sooo much.. I have missed the positive energy i get when i write to you... a lot of things are changing in my life lately. I have started yoga after a long time i had stopped, i have started teaching english, finished a semester in my MSc Studies in German literature and i'm getting a divorce. That's the most shaky expierience of the all i've been through lately. it was not a forced decision, i have throught it a lot and i decided that i shouldn't keep us both trapped. I should give us both a chance to become happy, because we weren't. I'll get used to my new life. Here comes my morning surfing to the internet.. everyone could be a good runnerlife at 40adorable artyoga asanas to relief neckare you the woman you wanted to be? 

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για smile pictures

I got to go now... Duty calls, back to work.. Have a great day...love you...

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