23 February 2010

An ungly day

It's one of those  days, which I don't want to get up from my bed. I want to do nothing. I wander around doing nothing, thinking only bad thoughts. I know I'm miserable this time but I can't do anything. Everybody has its ups and downs. I'm down.But I'll soon get up. Maybe after yoga class today. I have too much work but I cannot think of my obligations. My head turns around to words we say and hurt people. How is it possible to love someone and on the other hand say bad things, which we know that will hurt? What are we thinking, or aren't we thinking at all? We're just mad and we only want to comfort our anger, maybe? How does that get better? How can we feel the same after getting hurt? We're victims when our feelings do not change? Or we're simply being  someone that loves much and forgives, way above yelling and bitterness?  Which should be our attitude against someone that told us very bad things? Is that someone getting advantage of our tolerance? For how long? 
There is no "should" attitude. Shoulds are traps. Do, what your instict says. It's never wrong, we simply have to learn to hear it. For our sake.

Happy (??) Moments 

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