26 October 2010

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Dear _____
You are possibly the worst kind of person I have ever met. I often describe you to other people as a sociopath but without the charisma that some sociopaths have. Since I first came to America you have made me feel so unwelcome. I get why you might have some problem with it, I really do, but me and my daughter are not to blame for your life or the bad choices you've made, so get the fuck over it. I'm done trying to be your friend. I was done long long long ago, but I was kinda forced into continually making an effort for you, because of where I was living. But that is all a thing of the past, so I hope that you get hit by a bus, or fall off a building or just stop living out your drama for everyone around you to see and get embroiled in, and then not have you tell us how you want us to keep out of business and you want to be treated like a grown up yadda yadda yadda. Stop making your family's life a misery and 'letting' them support you. Fuck you and your supposed issues and get a fucking life and grown up. Get a proper job and do a full days work and don't take cigarette breaks every fives minutes, go in late and leave early because you feel like shit. Pay your taxes and do your bills like a normal person, and then we'll treat you like one. Woe is your your finances are shit. Woe is you that you have some ailment or cold or outbreak WOE IS YOU. YOU MADE YOUR BED, YOU LIE IN IT. I hate you. I hate your guts. I thought at a time we could be friends, it wasn't like I had anyone I could really talk to about a lot of things, and you saw me on a near daily basis when I was upset or sick to death of living there, and you couldn't even be bothered to ask how I was, or let alone listen to whatever I had to say. I tried so many times to throw you an olive branch and you threw it in my face. I'm supposed to invite you to Addie's birthday and to our house, but you know what, fuck you and the horse you rode in on because I will eat my own shit before I let you in this house. This is my house now, and you had a year to establish some kind of bond with me off your own back and I promised your folks that I'd try because you had issues, but for what? Nothing. In the space of a year every single GOOD thing that Patrick and I had, or Adelaide had you stole it away from us with some drama of your own. If you wanna be the only child, then fine, good for you, but you're 23. TWENTY THREE. Not three or 11 or 6. It doesn't work for you. Fucking issues or not. You made living there hell, if not directly but through the other people that you 'touched' and infected and made miserable and stressed. I feel like you made me sick and you couldn't even bother to ask how I was when I came home from my hospital. Get out of your fucking bubble and grow up. I hate you so much. I don't even know why you still bother me because I am not there anymore, but you do. I'm woman and sometimes we're crazy, and I have a years worth of resentment and talkings-to to get out of my system and now we aren't in the house anymore I feel like I can finally say what I want to say. But I'll be the crazy one because everyone else seems to just forgive and forget every single bad thing you do (which is a lot) and horrible miserable thing you say because you have issues and we have to cut you some slack. Or we aren't allowed to call you out on your bullshit. All I know is that you made me feel so unwelcome and isolated in a place where I was supposed to relax and feel at home. I tried to be a friend and a family member to you and for nothing. And now I am supposed to invite you into my house, my sanctuary and pretend like nothing has ever happened and it is okay to behave the way you do? No. Not on my watch pal. Take your kitten and shove it up your flaming lips.


isn't it soul relief?

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