11 April 2011

have a nice week

i feel sooo tired and it's only the start of the week. I've been writing for the last 7 hours at work. My eyes are trembling. I see butterflies everywhere. That's good though, from one point of view. It makes me happier. I got  pilates and yoga lesson later on. I'm anxiously waiting for them. I just wish i had more time to study german. I have to add them to my schedule.  
Promise.. from my heart. i was dreaming of Duckie last night. It must have been because we haven't talked for a week and my subconscious tries to accept the absence. I'm still angry of the things he accussed me. I can't forget. I should. His bad attitude hurts. 
I'll get over it soon. Got to go. The sun is shining outside. 
I hear soul music and smile. 

love you. xoxo

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