3 May 2011

Happy month

 I know i'm three days late to wish happy month, but anyway, have the best time ever. I was at home yesterday, with quite a flu. Today I'm better so I'm back to work, though I fought hard the idea of staying home. The days passed quietly, i did some cleaning at the house, meeting friends, practising yoga. I'm starting yoga with my old teacher in September and I'm thrilled about it. I'm also excited because i have a zumba lesson today. It's gonna be quite an exhausting experience but i love dance and i believe it would be a little humiliating. You can watch a zumba video below.

we will dance this:

My german lessons started after Easter and kids cannot concentrate in them. It's spring after all. Thank God it's a month left to finish. I was quite exhausted this year. I decided to quit trying when a kid doesn't want to learn. It's good for my nerves and psychological balance. I can't stand useless efforts anymore. 
keep on smiling. It's raining for days that brings me melancholy. 

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