17 June 2011

Happy poem 2

dedicated to the man of my life:

US   from: julia 

Remember the beginning
how we sat crossed-legged,
knees brushing knees
while you fed me mango,
one slow bite
after another.

Eyes seeing
all the way
to the deepest parts.

We kissed
in produce aisles,
next to blooming Rhododendrons
In wide open meadows
where wild flowers grew.

Between juicy bites
and slow sips of red wine
you told me.
Not with words
but with hands
and eyes

and layer after
layer fell
leaving behind
a fullness
calm and cloudless
and sure.

Then came the I dos, morning sickness,
middle-of-the-night feedings,
toddlers and tantrums
and disagreements
over who should
or shouldn't, who did
or didn’t

And the insatiable need for sleep.

But under layers
of heavy storm clouds
that clear sky

Still and sure
and waiting
for our quiet

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