1 June 2011

i'm furious... with her at work. i can practise yoga for hours but when i have a fight with her about work matters i go crazy... i lose myself, all medidation and yoga benefits vanish. I'm out of control. If she does n't retire soon i'll start psychoanalysis or medication. i'm swamped by work and i have her preach me. She is so manipulative i cannot stand her....uhhhhh...
today i decided to stop the yoga lessons i'm going and continue practising at home. At the last lesson i felt insulted and i don't want her to be my teacher anymore. I'll find a new one. I've given her many chances. This time i reached my edges. She was insulting and she was insisted   about something i knew she was wrong. i talked nicely, i told my opinion, she refused to hear me and she said "i want it that way to be done", in front of all class. i felt very badly. i feel happy for deciding to quit that class.
i'll do nice things to produce good energy. i feel so negative right now.
loove you pumpkins.

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