14 July 2011

my berlin

here are some of my berlin photos:
Bradeburger Tor  (the brandeburger gate)
 Reichstag (the German Parliament)
 Outside the zoo
 We drank many of those
 Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)
 Altes Museum (Old Museum)
 Crossing Kudamm Street
Outside the Photography Museum, (i think the rain and cold are obvious of the way i'm dressed)

Walking side by side to the Wall

 Pictures of Berlin (along Spree river)
The Television Tower
 my addiction : minis
the Permanon Gate in the Old Museum
The Judish Monument
Moi in Brecht Museum: i admit it i'm a great fan of him...

I wish i could have taken pictures inside museums, but almost everywhere photos were prohibited. Anyway, you should visit this place to feel each temper, sense its magic.  I couldn't lift the suitcase when i returned from Berlin: i had bought clothes, books, jewellery and scarves, even coffees and soup ingredients i can't find in Athens..
i lived all weather conditions in Berlin... rain, cold, hot weather and sun... i wore all kind of clothes.. pictures are quite an evidence...

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