26 August 2011

best buys-a a coming wedding i wish i avoided

i went shopping.. yes when i feel lonely i burst into my credit card. so here it goes.. a pair of sketchers, i did find them in half price. you can see them here. I also bought some creams for my face, eyes and lips (yes, being 38, almost, means taking care of lips, neck and breast too). Here goes my new buys; i adore the series of Loreal Collagen Filler, i buy them all and they do make difference. There is a new eye cream in that series, which massages the skin around the eyes and it is quite relaxing. You can find details for all products here
This weekend i'm travelling to my village to take part to a wedding ceremony. A cousin of mine is getting married. I can't say i'm dying to be there. I wish i could skip it. It rather be a gathering of competition. You know what happens when a bunch of hysterical relatives gather. They compare outfits, skins, bags, jewellery. Then go to professional and personal states etc. I hate that, why can't everybody just focus on his/her on life??
i know, i'll wear my best smile and i'll be astonishing because i'll feel so inside. All we need to shine is to love and to smile. 

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