24 August 2011

happy night-there is magic after all

i had an peaceful evening with teaching and spending time with my little friend Nefeli, more like my niece (my friend's daughter in fact) having face masks, talking about traveling and boys, she is 12, but very cute and wise.she has already visited Prague and had so much to tell me. You can learn so much from people, even younger than you, that is what i learned tonight. what else happened today?? the boy that serves me the coffee at work every day forgot to take my money but gave me the change. He had left the money to take a glass and forgot it on my desk, i hadn't seen it immediately.  I called him back as soon as i found that out he came and took the money. I felt great, he thanked me and later on he asked me to give him some of my professional cards to give them to his friends for learning German, in order to thank me. It felt so gooood!! There is magic after all.
love you pumpkins...
Fire has burst out in a lot of green places in Greece. One of them is near the village i come from. Please guys pray for them to stop. We need to...

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