4 August 2011

i'm stuck with a lot of work to do, a million ideas for the autumn to make them happen, books that wait to be read and german studies to be reviewed. yesterday i spent the evening on my sofa doing nothing. I was too tired.. i watched tv, ate and went to bed early. Today i'm working full of energy, i stopped for 10 minutes and went to buy some cosmetics for summer vacations, creams etc.. i'm getting ready to leave on Saturday. My package is almost ready. 
Tonight i'm having dinner with Helen, the old lady i'm visiting, in order to hear some wise words and have a good time with wine and chatting. I leave her do the talking all the time, i like listening  her.
i need some time off....
love you pumpkins.. what are you summer plans??


  1. I'm so ready for Fall. My summer plan is to survive the rest of it in this heat.

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  2. neither can i stand heat!! i can perfectly understand you. most of the summer is gone though, we will survive. xoxo