17 August 2011

it's a sign

good morning lovabies. This is the last day of my vacations. I never thought i'd say that but this is the time i got to get back at work. I missed my office. Yesterday i watched the movie of  the autobiography of Frida Kahlo. You can find more details about the movie here. Salma Hayek was amazing in this role. Although it is quite a sad story it filled me with courage and strength for living. I thought about my life and decided to make quite some changes, like focusing on my marriage and adopt a child. These were my greatest insecurities. I need to deal with them, cope with them, take the challenge and move on. I got to abandon the crutches at last and try to walk. Leave my fears behind. CONNECT and NOT HIDE. I'm so happy for my decisions. I'll start this journey from this very moment. I don't need a conventional marriage but a happy one. I have to try harder. Fight the shadows that come and go. I need to find more balance in my married life, i want to stay closer to my husband. I don't know how far will get but i want to be sure i fighted for the best. We have our love and we need to let it grow. The last years i felt we were stuck, we  both have been through a lot of painful events. It's time to move on. When you really love someone you need to make it work. 
i'll be back lovabies. i send you all my love, positive thinking and a big hug.  

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