19 August 2011

things that infuriate me

some situations really got on my nerves. i got to share it with you to stop thinking of them. i really want to scream, run, take it out of my system.
  • my "favourite" colleaque, who keeps on complaining about everything , i really mean about everything, got back to work whilst i thought she'll retire soon but she has some days left to work. 
  • my sister in law invited me to dinner out of obligation. She lives away and i'm in no mood to see her, since she refused my last dinner invitation. I refused kindly although i wanted to yell at her.
  • friends who went away because they needed time apart from me.
  • my pilates teacher forgot to call me to wish me for my name celebration
  • "friends" that abuse my tolerance and keep asking favours without sharing their interest about me and my news and never give a drop of love
  • i miss my parents that are away on vacation
  • salary reductions. i have lost a lot of money lately due to taxes etc and that leads me to forget some habits like frequent shopping, going to the cinema, or out with friends.
huh!!! i can't stand ungly changes!! 

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