21 March 2012

reading this post, reminded me how awful i was, when i was drawing things at school...
things i suck now:
  • singing
  • drawing
  • playing hard to get
  • giving a speech in front of a big audience..  (thank God i have fought doing pilates and yoga in front of a big audience)
tonight as i was returning from the gym i stopped walking and observed the trees. i realised that i'm always running when i walk,  i never look around. i'm always caught up with what i have to do. i'm focusing on the future or return to the past and i'm losing the present. i have to stop doing that.
things at work are still awful and instable... will see.. i try to keep calm and think of alternatives.
i won't give up... my studies give me "creative stress" and i want to become better..
hang in there lovabies.. 
miracles do stroke again... a junkie reached me this morning begging for money... i felt soo awful seeing him in need and i was in my cosy outfit... i wanted to do something. so i gave him some euros i got in my pocket.. the young man smiled with relief, he made my day... he kept on blessing me i wished him every happiness. He vanished... Some hours later a colleague approached me and he gave me 10 times up the money i gave this morning to the junkie, telling me that he owed me money i had forgotten. Oh boy... the universe gave back to me the joy i had given.. EXCITING!!!
love you.. and many many hugs... do good.. it will return to you... guarantee!!!

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