21 April 2012

Creative joy

Creative Joy

Creative Joy

is finding poetry

in everything

twisting the words

to carry vision, to

evoke a sense

of feeling in your

gut, the plumbing up

of goose bumps on

your skin

watching, the way

the wind flirts with

the grass, collides

with my breath, sends

a leaf tumbling down

the road, turns the

hair on my arms into

marionettes spinning

that sometimes

I get in my own way

seeing, when I

am the silk cocoon

wrapped around

the hungry caterpillar

of my own



that the sinew

sometimes binding

me to fear doesn't

weather rebellion

well, that the hull

of heaviness can

either be added to

or abated from
the whole,

that it only

can be loved

into action

it's the chase,

running down an

inside revolution,

footfalls on a

sidewalk at night,

chest heaving, heart

at a full-tilt tick,

the pull

of the pin

the release

the opening & closing

of the shutter, five, ten,

twenty times before you

are at peace with the

portrayal of the moment,

it's capturing it on the

first click,

the last brush

sliding across
 the canvas,

ruled lines

waiting for the warmth

of your fist resting

between words

hitting your stride,

stumbling, giving in,

letting go, celebrating

your victories

& learning &

loving yourself

through your


it's the seed,

the roots & the bud

it's the flowering

of yourself

it's the process

it's the meaning

& the means

to a meaningful


from  amanda

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