27 April 2012

Great teachers are those who teach about life

 Hi lovabies… I’m sitting at my desk, with a lighted vanilla candle and a cup of tea. Tired but relieved, it was a long week off work, which taught me many things. I’m glad that the exams finished and I think it went well. My teachers keep on surprising me, others positively and others negatively… I love those who speak to us about life, dignity, and democracy. I hate those you are close minded, stuck in situations and beliefs and don’t accept other opinions than theirs. Thank God these are only 1 or 2. These situations made me thinking of my high school teachers. Two of them, really great ones, have passed away. I’m sure they see me from heaven and are proud of me for making a dream of mine real. 

I have a great respect for all my teachers, old and new ones, BUT  the ones who give lfe lessons have a special place in my heart. Like the two ones i'll never forget; Vasilis Batsoglou and Konstantinos Sfountouris. May your souls rest in peace.... i really wish i taught like them.

Today we talked about Greek economic crisis at a University session with my German Professor, I found myself talking about it in fluent German and I was proud of me because I realized I fought a great fear of mine, two in fact, talk about a scientific matter in public and speak German for long. I was also glad because my teacher heard with curiosity the details and arguments and didn’t make comments or accusations. We talked about the negativity, the depression and he tried to give us comfort and hope. He said that "Greece is a very beautiful country" and i felt proud for Greece and for me having him as a teacher. 
I'm sooo lucky because i had and have some really great teachers in my life and i have meet very important people .  At this point i owe a great thanks to my first German teacher Efi because i owe her everything i learned about German and the fact that i'm in the University.

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