9 April 2012

happy, happy week pumpkins... i'm not in the best of moods today because i have too much work, the weather is rainy and the colleaque of mine, we had the fight on Friday is around me and he gets on my nerves... Surely he didn't (and he won't) apologise because he doesn't know what the words apology and kindness mean..
I need to plan the activities and set priorities otherwise i'll be behind schedule..
I need to rest, to lay in bed doing absolutely nothing. I haven't watched TV or DVDs for long.. I need to meet friends, do some beaute and relax my soul. I feel like my mind will soon explode.. i don't expect to rest on Easter because i'm going away with my parents in law, who are very energy consuming....F&%^)_!!!
I need to start meditation... immediately...
So tell me what are your plans for Easter???

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