3 April 2012

hi pumpkins.. i know that i have vanished but it seems that 24 hours are too little for the things i have to do daily. I had just finished cooking shrimps with rice for tomorrow's lunch and i couldn't want to watch TV or study. I study daily for the university.. i have been a total geek and i adore that. My quarrels at the office has stopped so i;m more calm and more productive now... and i have many new duties...
we have a literature meeting tomorrow at Uni and i can't wait...i keep on practising pilates (thank God) and i need to start meditation soon. i love the fact that my new friends at school see me as the "wise" older friend... and my "mommy" instincts and patterns grow. i love taking care of them.
People keep on surprising me well and badly.. My new teachers are amazing source of inspiration.
I still can't believe that a dream of mine became true...
read an interesting article here.
love you soooo much..
keep on smiling...
i'm soooooo tired but happy. i feel so complete..

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