16 April 2012

How to accesorize your kitchen

1. Store appliances you rarely use in a cupboard and take them out only when you need them
2. Take a visual inventory of your kitchen and identify where there's unnecessary clutter - maybe it's a corner filled with paperwork and mail, boxes of cereal or bread on top of your fridge, excessive accessories on top of your cabinets, or mismatched jars and vessels? Do this every few weeks!
3. Clean out your cupboards and pantry (throw out old food & sell or donate unused dishes, etc.) to make room for the items you need to find storage for.
4. Keep it simple - leave out only the items you use on a regular basis; store spices, food, etc. in cupboards.
5. Change things up every once in a while to keep your kitchen looking fresh and updated. 

from: belle maison

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