6 April 2012

Pumpkins, i wish you a joyful and happy weekend. Easter is close... have the best time ever.. , i'm trying to cheer up after having a phrasal attack from someone at work at noon that made me think; am i doing something wrong?? This person was someone i trusted and a work partner. i felt like my whole world collapsed.. like i  have no longer someone to rely on. i cannot trust anyone after this at work... accusations, yelling... i was shocked, it got me off guard.. there is no way i was expecting it, not from him.. 
Now i'm thinking more straight, he had given me some hints earlier this week but i couldn't have thought it, it was way too much!!
I visited my best friend Sofi after this, we talked and i felt much much better... thank you so so much darling!! 
Then i went to the gym. Exercising really helps...
i feel sooo tired!!!  have soo many things to do!! i'll be back... Tomorrow the schedule has cleaning, studying and shopping for my Goddaughter.
Try your best in anything you're up to....

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