14 May 2012

happy week my pumpkins... i had a weekend full of cleaning and redecorating, storing the carpets, etc. Summer is officially in my appartment. i love summer. the way we are less dressed , with lighter mood, etc. Unfortunately the mood doesn't follow at work. I'm swamped!! i didn't go to the University because of the work. i need some sleep, more sleep. Weekend passed and i couldn't relax a bit. I want to see Depp's new movie, a new Tim Barton one, if i find some time. 
A student of mine gave an exam on Saturday. He believes, he failed. To be honest, i don't expect him to pass. He wasn't a very good student, a hypocrite and an arrogant. I think he hates German, he was having lessons bcause his mom wanted him. And he is only 14. God help, how he'll be in his 30.  I don't know... 
I found the following article on the internet, for all my married friends.. very usefull


i  have to go now... work duty calls...
love you

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