9 May 2012

i love and need yoga

Yoga is about paying attention. It's about living in the present moment through breath and foundation. Often we want to skip past the basics and get right to the fancy stuff but trust me, you need to grow roots first. One of my favourite Iyengar quotations is,

"Our minds are in many pieces and our bodies are in one piece and we want our mind in one piece and our body in many pieces."

I'm learning that this takes time and practice. We have years of conditioning behind us and if we want to make changes we have to begin to practice acceptance and patience. Maya Yoga has taught me how to have a personal practice so that I can work on the postures that will free my body and mind from all kinds of limitations.

I have learned over the last few years that there is so much to learn and I never want to stop learning -- about myself, my practice, others, this world. I've also learned it's just as important to be able to let go of everything I think I am, know, feel, own. I've learned we are better off when we can support one another instead of tear each other down. I've learned I have to be patient with my body but I have to move past fears.

I am reminded, again, that yoga teaches us on and off the mat. There are various systems and styles of yoga these days but there is one thing that hasn't changed -- the wisdom in the tradition of yoga is deep and stable and available to anyone who's honest with themselves and willing do the work. Integrating what you learn in class into everyday life is the real work. And this work is a life-long journey; it never ends.

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