27 June 2012

life secrets

Good morning pumpkins...

How are you feeling today? Heat makes me sleepy and bored... i made a cup of coffee to wake up. I'm having a lot of work outside the office today and that's bad and good. (good no phone ringing and curious colleaques/ bad the heat is unbearable). Yesterday i did some shopping with my little sis. i bought two very cheap rings and two blouses from paranoia, i love love its clothes, especially the jeans...
Check out advice from tiny buddha, i always read her blog. I have printed most of her posts, they are very enlighting... Well exams are over, i'm not giving the last lesson. i'm too tired.. Books are closed for some days... i need to rest my mind.. that calls immediate meditation... i have to put it on my daily programme. People ask me how i possibly fit all these teaching, studying, working and practising in my schedule. Well i'm no superwoman. i love what i do. That's the secret. Each activity brings me joy, well not exactly each.. (the office is a place of anger and frustration, i need to block). 
i got to go.. remember whenever you believe you're alone, you're not. I think of you, wishing everything turn out fine... i'm giving back to you all the love you sent me by reading my posts.xoxo
smile hon.......life is waiting for you.. wear your sunglasses and go outside.. 

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