24 June 2012

a penny for your thoughts...

i made a frozen cappuccino and i'm sitting on m desk... it seems that my mind never gets quiet. These are what i'm thinking right now:
  • marvelous cappuccino
  • what a hot day outside
  • i spent one hour trying to convince my friend Amy that i was right about what i was advising her to do about the guy she likes.  she didn't do a thing of what i told her eventually. I'm afraid i'll say soon "told you so" and the bad thing is she may lose him and she likes him.
  • i have to make stuffed tomatoes for tomorrow lunch.
  • I believe Helen will refuse to go out with me this afternoon and i'll stay in.
  • i cannot study more. i'm done with pressure and hit.
  • i'm anxious for the exams' results
  • a birthday is coming and i have no idea for the present
  • girls at university are competitive and i hate that
  • i don't want to get back to work
  • please God... send me a message from a loving person
  • ...i got to start cooking right away
  • love you all guys!!!

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