4 July 2012

good morning lovabies...
i have missed you... work and other activities didn't leave time to post anything.. well i have closed books for now, i'm planning my future though.. i have started looking for a new part time job in teaching German for the winter, i'm sending curricula and doing some phone calls. I'm also thinking a proposal for a cooperation in translating a a german novel in Greek that has not been translated in the past. My teacher who is more experienced asked for my help. The whole thing excites me, will see.  I'm also planning a trip to Budapest for a seminar next week. I'm going to give you photos and details of the trip in the following days.. send me ideas or advices for Budapest by comments or e-mails if you've been there. 
Yeah, i'm grateful for all these opportunities, for having you, my friends, to talk about all that. 
Today plans after work : body training, perhaps meeting friends for lunch. i also have to iron and start preparations for the trip. 
smile and life will smile bach at you. Kindness is contegous. 

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