27 July 2012

my horoscope prediction today: 

The commitments you have today may leave you feeling a greater sense of responsibility. As a result of this awareness of obligation toward other people, you may feel more mature in your interactions. Your desire to care for others today may arise from your inner need to protect and nurture another person. While it is important to be conscientious in your interactions, you might want to evaluate the duties that you need to take seriously and those that are not your responsibility. At times you may have noticed that you may feel the overwhelming need to look after another person, when in fact they are perfectly able to care for themselves. It is important to gauge who really requires your help and whom you help out of a sense of obligation. As you go about your day you can try to evaluate which of your responsibilities are really necessary.

Being responsible means that we understand our own needs first before we take on the duties of others. We may feel that by taking our obligations seriously we become more responsible and mature by default. There are times when this is the case. But, when we feel obligations to others simply to bolster our own desire to feel responsible, we may be inclined to neglect our own needs. It is important to remember that maturity comes from understanding our own needs first. By gaining insight into the true nature of your responsibilities today, you will determine the obligations that are the most essential for you now.

holy shit, how right it is....

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