31 August 2012

happy weekend lovies

hi lovelies... the weekend is here.. time for me to sleep more... i need that because next week will be hard.. exams are coming.. and i'm giving Literature for starters... holy sheet!!
I'm going to my friend Arte to study. with eating and talking of course, she is making risoto with mashrooms, then i'm going to the movies with sisi,we will watch Bel ami.. the trailer is below.. 

on the weekend i'm having dinner with my Goddaughter, they are coming for a visit and i have to buy her a present, shoes probably... On Sunday Arte und Ami will come home to study. I have two days off for the "big" first day of the exams.. It sucks...
I want you to have a GREAT GREAT time on weekend focusing (i love this word) on your happiness. If you act like "you have it" it'll appear at the end..
many many lovely kisses

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