23 August 2012

it needs guts to be a parent

here you can find other lovely photo postcards.. I love this one above. 
Good morning my lovelies. I'm enjoying a cup of hot douwe egberts coffee in the office. It smells great... a perfect hazelnut sense on my tongue... i love this morning minutes of the absolute silence in the room of my office.. these moments are so valuable and soo rear... i don't know if it's because i'm getting older and odder or it's because of my new boss you yells almost continuously.... I went to visit my brand new 2 days old nephew yesterday. He is soo cute and so tiny.. my cousin's son. i thought i'd break him if i held him.. this very moment i was thinking that if someone told me "take him home with you" i wouldn't know what to do and i got panicked.. It needs guts to be a parent.. The lovely couple was very calm and happy. It's their second baby so they didn't seem very excited to me.  I cannot tell, i have no experience in this field.. FEAR comes to me in the thought of becoming a mom.. but i'd love to..  That's why i treat my students/nephews-/nieces/friends with tenderness..
Someone got to stop me from rambling... i need to get to work and studying.. I have to.. the clock is ticking...
love you.... smile, hug, scream out of joy, get passionate... life is short my pumpkins...

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