3 August 2012

let misery behind

i watched the skin i live in last night on DVD. It is a great movie. I love Almodovar movies.. They have something special. He is one of my favourite directors. Baderas has an amazing performance in this movie too.
I wish you all a happy weekend. I intend to relax, go swimming, play at the beach and watch movies. If  guild strikes me, i may take a look at my exam notes, that are lying on my desk. i'm in no mood of studying... 
I want to go out in the sun, run in the beach, lay under the stars, give salty hugs and kisses... 
I gave a promise to myself to share love and don't let money and crisis knock me down. All people need optimism. Optimism is life. Thinking disaster equals death... LET US LEAVE MISERY BEHIND... 
What are you planning this weekend? 
Whatever you do, have a great time!! 

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