24 August 2012

my experience after a reiki session

good morning pumpkins... 
how are you feeling today? Friday is one of my favourite days.. i know i'll sleep more the next day... Well the  news is; i have two new yoga students.. they became 5 now... but i'll teach them in groups of 2 or 3 people. 
i had my first reiki session yesterday. it's an amazing experience, both relaxing and scary.. it's neither exactly massage nor meditation.. it brings feelings on surface... good and bad.. the head eases and fulls of pictures..i wanted to cry at first then i felt like i'm in the middle of a storm.. my teacher said afterwards that my energy needed to balance.. my stomach and body was in a mess i felt trembling and numbness.. but then suddenly i felt better.. relaxed and quiet like i was sleeping for months... the pictures in my head disappeared.. after "waking the body" we discussed about how i felt and what my teacher felt and saw... the teacher sees pictures on the head or something like that during session. Pictures of the past lives of the participant. They've told me things about my past lives... i was coming mostly as a man, a poor, turtured man, always wanted to serve others... as a soldier, as a servant... These pictures explained my back pains, my love for German, yoga.. My purpose of this life is to take care of myself, set myself free for guild and anger. Forgive and stand on my feet. Stop depending on others.. fight my fears...difficult goals. 
If you get the chance enjoy a reiki session. It's a unique experience..

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