9 September 2012

happy moments

hi pumpkins... i have no sleep. so i decided to post something... last night i went to a rock concert with my friends Efi, Amelie and Diana.. i had a marvellous time. we danced, drank, sang and of course talked...it was quite one of " sex and the city" meetings... i adore my friends...
It seems really a period of transformation for my life. new friends, interests, jobs, thoughts... i keep on thinking to move on... leave behind what hurts me..Stand up on my feet at last... I have friends,  my family. who needs to worry about those who doesn't like me?? I have stopped thinking how to please all. it's not working anyway..
have a great weekend guys.. love you.
enjoy my photos and videos.. The band you'll hear is non professional. It's called Grooving Mondays. Efi plays synthesizer in the group..

amelie and diana

my sex and the city

 hugs and kisses

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