17 September 2012

Love is like blood feeding the heart

what are you up to this week. I'm starting pilates again this week and i'm very happy about it.. I have just read the article below and i cannot decide if i'm for or against it. 
The truth is that i'm a sentimental rat. As much emotional as a woman can be. I still cry when i see romantic movies and i believe at the one true once and for ever love.But there are times i envy guys and girls who hit and run.. Fuck and then disappear like nothing happened.. from time to time i wish i were like them. I always fall for the guy and then proceed. I give a little peace of my heart.. and i questioned myself  if  there is much left to give. The good thing is though  that when you love and be loved you heart grow. So there is always something to give. Most of the times you give love to someone and take love fron someone else. But you do take and give love. Love is like blood feeding the heart.. when you feed your heart with love it keeps on ticking.... Don't let it be lonely or turn grey.. give colour to it with hugs and smiles... 

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