5 September 2012


hi guys.. what have you been up to? i'm back at work. I had a strange dream last night. A colleaque of mine, named Efmorfia was giving me gifts, books and dresses. The one dress was a baby girl's dress. It was a peaceful dream that i didn't fear. The name of my colleaque means Metamorfosis (transformation). I feel something is changing , inside and outside. Me, my life.. Well some minutes ago a cousin of mine called me. She asked me if i had time to teach a friend of her german . 6 hours a week. It's quite an income!! What an opportunity.. i keep on saying that when you do good, you receive good.
I started body exercising to the gym yesterday. I missed my friends, we haven't met all summer. I'm also making my teaching programme with lots of german and yoga. i feel so complete when i teach.
got to go.... much to work...
smile and hug pumpkins, do your best...

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