28 September 2012

To forget or not to forget??

I feel so exhausted.. i didn't sleep well at night. I found out yesterday that the father of a a friend of mine has cancer. And he counts days.. My friend is devestated. I feel awful too. I know him and he is still so young and active. She needs a shoulder to cry and a great hug, someone to stand by her. I'll try to support her but i'm not sure i can be there for her as much as she needs. I have my own issues. I know it seems selfish but i really can't do much about her right now. Our friendship was also quite shaky in the past, things i cannot forget. Faculty is still closed. Work still toooo much.. Yiaiii!! I need vacation, i need an excursion. I need to run away and hide. After the bad dreams i'm seeing lately i need to hide. 
I intend to stay in at the weekend. I have a seminar on teaching on Sunday. Lots of teaching hours.. But i'll try to relax.. and watch dvds, cook and meet family.......
love you... be nice to people.. smile and the universe will smile back at you..

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